stop forgetting to add titles before posting Willski.

Guten Abend.

So, I can write a page and a half to annoy some American on Sodahead, but I can’t think of anything to type here… great…

Right, I wrote that 5  hours ago… that’s a while…

I had something to say earlier, but I got distracted by Chuck, pizza, chocolate milk, jam rolie polies, or however you spell it, baths, youtube, IKEA… I think that’s it…

You want details on any of that? Didn’t think so… have a video, the end is somewhat hilarious. (watch at least the last minute.)

grr, msn keeps trying to get me to update it, no! I like tolerable software! Personally, I really don’t like the new version. So I don’t have it, logic!

Please don’t sue me.


Err, yeah, I think I’ve run out of stuff to say… thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Well, Kris would prefer this to yesterday’s post, less words, and more Toby… Let’s see, ben introduced me to Toby, via Halo Reach literal trailer, then I got obsessed with him, then Emski did, then Tyler, now Kris…  weird. Piece of advice, if I do something, it’s probably a bad idea. Be that get obsessed with youtubers, challenge biology teachers to duels, whatever.

Anyway, Ta-ta.



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