Not stuff, stuff, undead, bluescreening, and other stuff…

Guten Abend.

You remember when I used to write lots? More than any of you would read… yeah, I haven’t done that recently, my usual seemingly random topics were always related to something that I did, even if in some vague, inexplicable way. Well, Inexplicable to you, makes sense in here. Okay, you didn’t see that but I tapped my head as I said that. But nothing interesting’s happened recently! Not that I can remember anyway… basically wake up, go to school, go to lessons, come home. I have some conversations, annoy some teachers, talk about Halo, and Warhammer 40K with short guy, but nothing worth writing about…

I did buy, download and complete Arrival though, yesterday, before watching Chuck, (and I watched the pilot, and last two episodes of season one of Chuck today, it’s very good,) it (Arrival now) is a bit annoying, it got 60 microsoft points more expensive between release, and me buying it, which is kind of annoying, any it’s annoyingly short, hardly a challenge. I died twice, both times due to my own stupidity, one of which you’re supposed to die, and there’s an achievement for lasting through five waves or something… other to fire, I stepped into… I’ll admit I only play on normal, but that’s because I play for the story, very good, it is, not for a challenge or anything, that would be pointless. So I’ll never get achievements for completing on insanity… meh, who cares?

Meakins annoying me, by extending deadline for ICT project, sure it gives my time to complete the write up, (although he wants a copy of that on Monday) but gives me an additional 22 ish days to do it, so I’ll fall into that wonderful trap of ‘h, I’ll just go on supcom today, do  that tomorrow, oh I might as well spend today baking things, I’ll do ICT tomorrow, I mi might as well waste 5 minutes trying to think of something else I do, I’ll do ICT tomorrow’ so that’ll be annoying, and I’ll end up, in 19 days 23 days (3 days before deadline) thinking ‘oh bollocks, I haven’t done anything.’ And yeah, that’s annoying. You’d think if I know what I’m going to do, I wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t you. Apparently my mind doesn’t work that way, it’s just decided you can fail at life, as long as you can still play games I’m happy. Maybe someone should tell it it can’t… it’ll need food, electricity, consoles, games monitors etc. for that it’ll need a job, for a decent paying job it’ll probably need an education, and for an education you need to work. Alright, it seems to know that anyway, what the devil is wrong with you!? Grr… whatever, stio thinking about that, it’s making be depressed… and that’s no fun.

I’ve had to retype this now, my computer bluescreened, when I opened 23 youtube video windows, but I’m sure that’s not related, and I lost my blog, quite kindly, Microsoft office recovered it, but only up to ‘more than any of you would read…’ and I’d said all that other stuff, mostly in different words… what’s on TV? Why can I see veins in my hands? Because it’s s25 degrees in here… are they veins? Don’t think they’re ateries, to low pressure, wrong place, to big to by capillaries, I just got a paper cut on a national trust coupon, maybe veinules… don’t know if I spelt that right, not in Microsoft offices dictionary… gaah, stop interrogating your blood vessels… it’s just vasodilation.


Tomb Kings Advance Order! Awesomes! Not that o collect warhammer, I have no money, and I never paint it… I would if I had, and did, but I don’t, and wont… so I don’t, on both counts.

Right, TV, nothing particularly interesting…. Correction, nothing overly appealing, for some reason Law and Order seems so much less interesting then stalking non-fictitious people… not really stalking, I’m far too lazy for that, just cameras. Theirs mostly…

Who knows what I’m talking about?

Hehe, right, I’m off to listen to Law and Order, while choosing categories for this, not many will apply really, I said a lot, but not that much…. Slightly contradictory…

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you had a good Wednesday, 06 April 2011, or not, depending who you are, statistically, people are more depressed on Wednesdays than any other day, so, good for them! Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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