Not really doing much…

Guten Abend.

Hmm, apparently fridges are expensive. Can’t say I disagree with that.

I managed to not do anything again today, which is really annoying, as I have quite a lot of work I need to do… I did go on reach though… shot at gingie, shot gingie…

Bit mean really…

So, at the moment I’m watching Infected on Pick TV +1. Didn’t know that existed, weird film. Hehe, I typed ‘weird fil’, while watching Phil, who’s weird.

Yeah, I stalk a few youtubers, Toby Turner, iJustine, Katers’ vlogs, Phillip DeFranco, err… think that’s it… I watch a few others… but not as much…

Ooh, I stopped typing for 35 minutes… not that I typed too much before then…

Apparently Benski got 600 and something hits on his blog yesterday, slightly entertaining. We both get the occasional random spike, admittedly mine rarely break 100… his regularly break 500…

Aah, I remember when I first started doing this, was about 12 posts before I got my first hit. Not hit as in contract killing, website view.

verdammt noch mal. I forgot about this for about 15 minutes…

okay, i’m gonna stop typing now, i’ve run out of stuff to say, so it seems to be the logical cause of action. Thanks for reading, Have a nice Sunday, I suppose. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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