Rock Operas, foodses, and probably something else…

Guten Abend.

Back to German are we? Hmm…

You may not be surprised to know I’m watching Jesus Christ superstar for the second time this evening… I was going to go on reach with Gingie, but haven’t got round to that… I did get CPU usage up to 100% for about 3 minutes… that was fun… video conversion is fun!

So, do I really have anything to say today? What did I do? I can’t remember… err… biology, with Wilson… he’s awesome. And a deity apparently… Chemistry test… that I think I failed… forgot about minimum temperature for instantaneous reactions, or whatever it is… something Entropy-ey…

Jesus is a scouser… Don’t know if I spelt that right, it’s not in the dictionary…

And he’s about to be arrested…

Hehe, so who had a fun April fools day? Not Justine… err… why do I instantly think of youtubers? Weird…

Okay, let’s change the topic… but what to? Shrug… hehe.

So, who’s seen this version of Jesus Christ Superstar? It’s very good. I get criticised for saying things are awesome too much… So, I have to download Starcraft 2. Gary’s forcing me too, yay? Is it any good? He seems to think it is.

Jesus is cluttering up Pilates hall…


I had healthy food today… Breakfast, a bowl of Bran Flakes, Lunch, (approx.) 40 cookies, and tea, pizza, with Chocolate gateaux… (as desert, not on the side.) I suppose it could be worse…

And Judas is about to kill himself… yeah, I’m not paying much attention to this… (This being this, not the film/musical/rock opera)

So, do I have anything else to say? I don’t think so, thanks for reading, have an inedible weekend. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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