Post-postage title… ‘890’ cheese, repeated watchings and other things…

Guten Abend

Glücklich Donnerstag! warten, ist es Mittwoch ist es nicht … verdammt.

Stop translating things into German…

Oaky. Let’s try that again, Okay. What happened? I spent 2 hours 58 minutes straight doing biology. (lessons 4, 5, lunch, and a bit after and before… that was fun. And that wasn’t sarcasm.

Youtube people should post more… or rather, specific youtube people should. Between them they post plenty. But I have nothing to do at the moment, to bored to do work, or play games… I suppose I could read, it’s one of the few things boredom doesn’t stop me doing… strange that… I suppose it’s because you have to think… real DnD was the same… none of the computer versions are close enough, no need to worry about acting in character, you usually don’t have a choice, and it barely affects them anyway. I want to play real DnD, with a good DM, and lots of cheese. I’m hungry, I’m gonna go get some cheese!

I has cheese!


I don’t has cheese. 😦

Wasn’t much, only approx.. 7.5 inches^3 (cubed).



I’ve been talking to americans, they seem to think shooting random animals is good, and acknowledging the possibility that any of the bible may have changes since it was originally written should be punishable by death.

And Toby’s molesting bins…

Lots of windows, and strange facial expressions… anyone know who the one in Jesus Christ superstar is supposed to be? Caiaphas is the black one, Annas is the bald one… who are the other 3? Hehe, Caiaphas is in this dictionary, but not Annas. Anyway, if I forget to add that picture you’ll be confused… the strange thing on the top right is Powder Toy. great fun! and the right features my network usage… didn’t mean to restore that one, but it’s nice to look at…

Watching Jesus Christ Superstar for the 4th time today, admittedly for 2.5 of those I’d lost my screen to Halo Wars… with people… (eww…) that was fun… the damn thing just repeats itself, goes back to the menu when it finishes, then starts again 30 odd seconds later…

Right, I’m off to finish that, and try to download Starcraft II. (Err… completely legally…) See you tomorrow… well, probably not… I get 10-40 views a day, and I have no idea who they are, chances are I won’t see you, and you won’t read this until tomorrow anyway…

This sounds better when spoken how it’s though, but none of you will ever hear that…

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


okay, where’s the youtube category gone? which one of you hid it?



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