Look out! the Drawers will kill you!

Guten Abend.

Sodahead is reminding me of things… if I ever tell you I’ve never had any nightmares I’m lying. When I was a small child I had this really strange recurring one.

We had this small chest of drawers type thing, I think it’s still in the house somewhere, white, has 3 draws, and those strange round plastic handle things. In my dream it was following me, I’d just be running around the house with this little chest of drawers sliding along the floor behind me, flailing its drawers at me… don’t misinterpret that… it was, for a small child somewhat scary… but I never had any problems with the more conventional things. No dreams of dinosaurs, or clowns or anything… just a certain piece of malicious furniture…

Hehe, yeah, I was a bit weird… I guess some things never change.

This is fun, I should not sleep more, I normally end up posting something, err… well, fun. Don’t like repeating words so close together…
Thanks for reading, and hopefully not mocking me too much.


Love Willski.



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