check my other post so far today, it’s far more interesting!

Guten Abend.

Yeah, like the title says, less interesting, but I find it entertaining. These are the search terms that direwcted people to my blog for the last week, I’d just make this a weekly thing or something… you know, do it every Sunday, but there’s no way I’d remember…


Search Views
whats that song toby turner keeps singing 4
how much does toby turner make 4
toby turner gay 2
how to meet toby turner in real life 2
toby turner’s shoes 2
where does tobuscus tell you if you won a shirt 1
salad plate with picture 1
what pc does toby turner 1
where does tobuscus live 1
red nose day crossdress 1
toby turner always say 1
bionicle 1
toby turner words 1
what color shoes does toby turner have 1
blood bowl legendary wine 1
toby turner theme song notes 1
what is the song toby tuner keeps singing 1
what car toby turner 1
what game will have toby turner 1
why does tobuscus say intro to darkness white 1
what song does toby turner keeps singing in his game 1
dead spce 2 literal trailer not blocked 1
words that toby turner says 1
what type of clothes does toby turner wear 1
fast cirtyville browser 1
when is toby turner’s birthday 1
what song does tobuscus sing while gaming 1
whats that song toby turner keeps singing on toby games? 1
which song does toby turner keep singing in games 1
is toby turner gay 1
when does toby turner say i need a doctor 1

It really does make me think, does anyone get to my blog who isn’t looking for information about American youtubers?


Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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