Stuff, but not much… basically nothing…

Guten Abend meine Dämonen.

Why did google think I meant ‘Guten Abend meine Freunde.’? Surely it should have learned by now…

Hehe, so today, I got Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset to work. Not really worth it, it seems less user friendly then the first ones, very annoying to use, I just want to beat it to death, with a pillow! Yeah, who can guess why it’s a pillow?ooh yay! Internet explorer’s dead… that’s not surprising…

I was playing with internet browser settings, I displayed all toolbars in internet explorer, and lots about half the screen.

Ooh, strange song that reminds me of aliens, and depressing things.

Hmm, there’s a pair of socks on my chair.

Waiting for youtube videos to process… not done yet… 22 minutes…

Gaah! Got Wotsits in my eye… suppose I deserve that, it’s my third pack in 10 minutes…

Hmm, weird search terms today…

Search  Views

toby turner’s shoes         2

what type of clothes does toby turner wear        1

when does toby turner say i need a doctor          1

what song does toby turner keeps singing in his game    1    (allegedly someone asked this on yahoo answers as well… approx. 7 1/2 minutes in…)

toby turner words           1

bionicle                1

what color shoes does toby turner have               1

what game will have toby turner              1

Total views referred by search engines  9

Right, I’m killing my internet with downloads, so I’ll post this in case I actually, completely kill it… that would be bad… Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Wenn Sie beim Lesen dieses Blogs nieste, segne euch.

Love Willski.

hehe, i wrote this over about 4 hours…



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