Guten Abend

So, some strange little child thing just appeared in my room, and seemed to think itself a Bionicle fan. Didn’t even know what a Rahkshi was. Is… whatever… didn’t know who Mary Magdalene was either. Yeah, big surprise, I’m watching Jesus Christ Super Star again. Fortunately, he’s gone to harass Ben, he though my Thousand Sons were painted Bionicle! The swine, no offence, but I do want to kill him, a little bit. Just enough to stop him living, and make a nice bloody mess.

Yeah, I don’t like children. They should all be executed, slowly, and painfully. That nice Bronze Bull someone made could be good, was he French? I can’t remember…

I do love how by watching this somewhat inaccurate musical, I’ve learned more about the events depicted in it than your average American-Christian.

The child just said ‘Do you still like dinosaurs?’ to Benski.

And Jesus is making a bunch of people cannibals. I kinda want to see the childs reaction to Jesus’s flogging, but only if it’s entertaining…

Goody! They’re leaving!

Is everyone my mother knows that weird? She offered to show me her boots if I’d show her my nails… (She’s my mother’s friend, not mother.)

No idea who they were…

Aww, Jesus seems sad. Kill him. Hehe, just wait 40 minutes, he hasn’t even been arrested yet.

Youtubers are weird… I’ve been watching TobyTurner, iJustine, and Katersoneseven, you know, I just realised I should have had ‘’s’ after each of those, but I’m to lazy to go back and add them. Anyway, I’ve been watching their videos of doing stuff… that’s ague, but very entertaining, and is why I stopped writing here for the last hour and a half… I’d post the videos, or links or something, but you people wouldn’t watch them. If you really want to see them, just go on youtube! They’re there somewhere…

Okay, I’ve just watched an episode of Horizon about intelligence. So I apologise in advance for my explaining why you’re stupid, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and give you permission to slap me if I do.

Okay, I have nothing else to say, because I forgot some stuff… hehe, thanks for reading. (I’ve been watching a lot of Toby’s videos, so I really want to say ‘bless your face, if you sneezed while reading this blog, bless you’, but I’d probably get criticised… so I won’t, well, I will, I did, I have. Yeah… good thing you can’t tell the tone I wrote that in…) Ta-ta.

Love Willski.





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