Err, not much here this time… apologies for that…

Guten Abend

I just watched Jesus Christ Super Star, again… with a Simi this time!

That’s all I have on that one.

I’ve lost the neverwinter nights 2 toolset… where’d it go?

So, I don’t have plans for my free time this weekend, do I have much free time? I doubt it… well, I will… should i? no.

I’ve been planning out my fiction-reading. I’ve got a few days to finish IT. After that, the lord of the rings trilogy thing I’ve ordered. Not sure about after that… I’ll either by some Horus Heresy or Halo books, or read the Bible. (Christian).

Judas is really bad at staying dead, isn’t he…

I seem to really like this film.

So, a lot of activity on youtube… that’s mildly entertaining…

Hmm, I have 29 tabs running in opera… talking about opera, have you got Internet Explorer 9, or Firefox 4.0? They’ve both turned into opera. It’s mildly entertaining.

I’m sure I have something else to say, but it’s slipped my mind in the 90miuntes that have passed since I wrote the last paragraph…

So, thanks for reading, try to have a good weekend Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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