Skyline, NWN2, and something else, but i’ve forgotten it now i’ve got round to writing the title.

Gutan Abend.

So, I just watched Skyline. Quick overview… (don’t worry, not the plot)

  • Acting: acceptable
  • SFX: very good
  • Plot: weaker than my left arm.
  • Casting: good, they didn’t spam really famous people. That much…
  • I’ve forgotten what else a film’s supposed to have…

That was fun. As I started watching Skyline, Benski started running himself a bath. About 90 minutes later when it ended, he was still hovering behind me watching it… I think he likes the pretty colours.


What else have I done? I purchased Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum Edition on steam, because it was 50% off. So I can still afford the lord of the ringses. I’ll probably buy them once I’ve done writing this… then read IT in the next few days…

Partially related to the first part, I started trying to analyse people’s behaviour again. Films aren’t the best place to do that… especially somewhat poorly written ones…

What did I do today? I wasn’t mean to Ian, that was boring, err… chemistry made me late for ICT, butcher wasn’t overly thrilled with that. So, err… yay?

Gaah, forgot the other stuff I had to say… don’t worry, it probably wouldn’t have been nteresting…

Either way, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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