Making Leeski laugh, keboards, software and other things.

Guten abend.

I exhibited impressive dodging skills today. ‘Hmm, there’s a ball heading straight towards me, I’ll just take a step backwards. Why did it hit me in the face?’

Okay, I’ll admit, it hit my neck.

There’s a very strange conversation to my left, it seems some words make Leeski laugh. These include ‘wheelbarrow’, ‘osmosis’ and ‘Tyler’. So I’ll assume Becky’s having fun…

‘2,4, dinitro phenyl hydrazine’ works too, I may have got that wrong…

Anyway, I’m writing this in Microsoft Word 2003. which is just atrocious, and the keyboards a weird shape, and sticky… (the keys stick, they’re moderately clean…)

My keyboard has milk on. Ha, I said that in that childish superior tone, a ‘my turtle’s better then yours’ type thing. It also has sugar puffs wedged between some keys. I spilt my breakfast on it.

Yeah, that’s not good… I’ll have to clean it properly some time…

Yeah, that’s all I have to say right now…

Danke fürs Lesen, haben einen guten Abend.
Liebe Willski.



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