Good Evening.

So, I had a biology test today, I got confused by chi-squared things due to not thinking logically… that was fun. More importantly, I may have appeared to be somewhat racist with lines such as ‘In the Grasslands the Black People get eaten’. Not as racist as it seems, quite the opposite in fact, that all happened due to some question about Snails, with green or brown pigmentation to their shells, with the greens being more common in the grasslands due to camouflage, the browns stand out and get eaten, in the forest the greens stand out on bark and get eaten. I, for reasons unknown to me, started referring to the slimy little fiends as people. So, yeah, some racist sounding stuff in there now…

Other lines are close to:

In the forest the brown [snails/people] do not stand out, and are less likely to be eaten then their green friends. The ones who don’t get eaten are more likely to read adulthood, and reproduce.

Just more likely? So the ones who are eaten might continue growing? I suppose the adults could get eaten too… more likely to… anyway, what should we do about this Jesus mania?

Fools, you have no perception.


Yay, caps! Hehe, what else happened? I broke a nail… lost ¾ of an inch (of nail) from my right ring finger…that was fun, don’t know when it happened, I noticed it when playing catch with Ianski, Emmaski, Benski and Alice.

Do you type ‘OK’ or ‘okay’? I usually go for ‘okay’. It’s more fun that way.

Anyway, what should I do? Biology homework? ICT project? Neverwinter Nights?

Err… NWN I think…

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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