Sins, Pasta and nothingness…

Good evening my equine fiends.

So, I did nothing productive today. Except playing Sins of a Solar Empire. That was fun, but I won’t bore you with the details, because I’m far too lazy to write it… and I’ve got 17 minutes to post this if I don’t want to miss a day…

Err, what did happen? Nothing! So I really don’t have anything to write about… nothing particularly interesting happened on Sins, unless you think 4 starbases taking out approx..600 ships on their own… or builing 5o something Kostura Cannons, and decimating one of my enemies from a different solar system is interesting… do you?

I ate some pasta, with cheese on it…

I’m grasping at non-existant straws. It’s very difficult, if you don’t believe me try it.

So, I’m off to watch about ½ an hour of youtube videos, then read or something… thanks for reading.


Love willski.



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