Germans, Jesus-death, Red Nose Day, Crossdressing, SS, i’m not a werewolf! and other things…

Gutan abend.

What’s with the german introductions? Awesome though. Can’t beat a good German, because he’s in the SS.

Sorry, that was racist… forget I said that.

Thanks to our hated Fiend Simi, I’ve had This Jesus Must Die stuck in my head all day.

Well, maybe not entirely his fault, I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour or so. But while I was at school. Yeah! Boring!

Today was Comic Relief/Red Nose Day. I contemplated reducing temperature significantly to give people red noses, but I can’t do that, so I didn’t. As good a reason as any not to do anything…

On the plus side, Tyler will be happy, I’m not listening to bonnie Tyler…

So that meant I got to sit in lessons with a bunch of people in shoddy costumes, hmm, if I wear a hoodie, shower cap and pair of tights I’ll be voldemort! No, you idiot. No offense.

Probably the best ones I saw were Steven’s ‘The Phantom’ (I’m assuming that’s what he was) even if the mask was too small for his oversized head. And Nathans cross-dressing was certainly entertaining, but I can’t remember who he was supposed to be… so I don’t know how accurate it was…

♪I see bad things arising.
♪The crowd crown him king; which the Romans would ban.
♪I see blood and destruction,
♪Our elimination because of one man.
♪Blood and destruction because of one man.♪

A lot of people showed up wearing morph suits, I think there was 8 of the floating around (one on Jack, one on another Will, who tried to kill me thinking I was a werewolf, weird.) that’s not fancy dress, it’s just a morph suit. If you’re going to bust buy a suit, at least make it something good! Worthwhile, not just one colour.

Like that!

What’s with my apparent German obsession… I suppose it could be worse…

Anyway, what else did I have to say? I’m 71p off being able to buy the lord of the rings trilogy. (books)

Err, yeah, I think that’s everything I had to say…

I’m off to eat Bourbons, and attack soda head with my British ness… and switch back to Bonnie Tyler-ness.

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend, or don’t, your choice. Not mine (although I was ordered to have a good weekend by Tyler… lucky you! You have a choice I don’t.)

Hehe, what am I talking about?



Love Willski,



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