CROSSDRESSING WIN! (post, and other things)

Good evening my loyal readers, advertising bots and misdirected googlers.

Just had a very entertaining Forge-ing on reach. We were all wandering around all homicidal and bored, then short guy joined us! And opened fire… so Gingie, Benski and I spent the next 30 minutes massacring him. So he rage quit. But the swine didn’t even have the courtesy to join the party when he joined the game! Possibly something to do with me setting it to invite only… that was fun…

So, after he rage quite we played Bumper Cars in Banshees, and ghosts… and tried to get Falcons to mate, that was fun, and very weird respectively.

T-shirts are finally here, and quite entertainingly have a stamp saying:


Transmis au Canada Par Erreur

So they’ve been in more countries then me! Printed in the US, shipped to Canada, then shipped (eventually, although not necessarily, directly) to the UK somewhere, and finally to Coalville post office. I’ve been in England most of my life, and visited Wales on occasion.

Mmm, eating bourbons without hands, tasty but a bit weird to watch…

WOO! Top opinion (when I posted this) for cross dressing! (Click here.)

Anyway, it’s steadily approaching midnight, so I’m going to have to post this soon… Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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