ICT, Sleep, Vendettas and perhaps something else…

Good Evening.

So, I’ve made progress on my ICT project, which is good.

Haven’t got it to generate reports for me, which is less good… and kind of means it doesn’t generate lists… so depending on your perspective, it still doesn’t work… that combined with missing forms and queries, in any perspective it doesn’t work… so that’s not good. Either way, I want to sleep! So I will.

I just don’t understand it. I’ve known since last Monday I had to get this done, but I just didn’t start working on it until this morning. Why? It’s bloody annoying! And completely illogical.

So, tomorrow I have to try to watch someone try to use it… that’ll be entertaining…

Gaah! Why doesn’t my mind work properly! Let’s not do work, let’s play Halo Wars instead! Ooh, let’s do 33.333% of the Supreme Commander campaign instead of working. At this point, my anger towards myself has resulted in that classic clenching of fists, and the result of some non-bloody stab wounds in my hands. Yay…

Currently watching V for Vendetta, that’s an awesome film… so, I’ll go to bed, and continue doing that. 23:33? Early for me.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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