Toms MSN fail, hate that term, Cats, TV shows, (Being Human) Supreme Commander and perhaps something else, if I can think of it…

Good Evening.

Tom doesn’t understand what it means when I set my status on MSN to ‘Away’///

Anyway, I went on Sup com this morning. Yay! Did the first 4 missions of the Cybran campaign. They’re good with the maps on that. Both Cybran and UEF use Minerva for atleast one mission, Aeon and Cybyran use that one with QAI mainframe, they all use earth for the last mission, and it’s been ages since I played the other 2 (non-Cybran) campaigns, so I really can’t remember other repeated ones… I know Aeon and UEF share another… when Zachary Arnold joins the Princess.

Great fun… unfortunately, it did distract a little bit from my ICT project stuff… so that’s less good.

I just watched Being Human series 3 episode 7, again. Annie’s so stupid! I want to kill her, which would be difficult for a few reasons, main ones being she’s a ghost, and she’s fictitious.

Too many ‘t’s there willski… Tom may remember what I’m talking about there… wonder why I doon’t get a capital letter…

On that note, anyone think of an alternative to ‘Willski’s Blog’? that seems somewhat boring…

And now I’m trying to trick Tom into doing things…

I’ve noticed a lack of advertising things assaulting my blog! YAY! So, about 4 hits yesterday. I tell a lie. It was 5. 4 so far today and I haven’t posted anything… I suppose they could be catching up…

Hide’s trying to sneak up on me, unsuccessfully. Cats are usually good at that aren’t they?

Okay, you can tell I’m running out of things to say when it becomes one line observations of stuff going on around me… so I think I’ll post this, or find something substantial to write about… The former seems easier, so let’s go with that!

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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