Interview with a Tyler


Alright, i have nothing left to write, so i suppose this’ll have to do.

But first, different crazy American to usual.

Lets talk to some music obsessed pillock then.

Me: Good Evening Tyler.

Tyler: ooh, [giggles] I don’t know what to say.

Me: you don’t know how to respond to a greeting?

Tyler: yes I do, I say ‘hi’.

Me: Well done! I’ll stop being patronising now. How are you?

Tyler: I’m fine Will, how are you.

Me: I’m fine thanks, you?

Tyler: I’m fine, how are you [laughs]

Me: hehe

Tyler: what do you think to Justin Beiber?

Me: err… I’m supposed to interview you, hehe. he’s a pillock, should be burned at the stake. Anyway, where have you gone?

Tyler: [giggles] I’m in shri lanka.

Me: not entirely accurate, you were standing behind me as I said that.

Tyler: no really, I’m in Shri Lanka, I’m talking to Gaddafi.

Me: okay, a few problems with that. One; you’re still behind me, two; he’s in Libya, and three; you keep saying things I don’t know how to spell.

Tyler: interview over.

Okay, that was somewhat pointless, why was he begging me to do that last week? Anyway, do I have anything else to say? I don’t think so… this was completely pointless. I’m going to go kill Tyler, and probably not post this…



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