Sodahead, alleged idiocy, and ATTACK OF THE KILLER ‘SAVE AS’ BOXES!

Good evening.

I may do a spelling and grammar check on my previous post later… but for now, due to a lack of much to do, that I feel like doing… I’m going to have fun on sodahead, answering the 40 questions that were shared with me in the last 2 hours…

Had fun in ICT, arrived a bit late because chemistry teachers don’t acknowledge we could possibly have anything else to do, and got assigned to a team for a quiz. The team was then promised that if Daniel arrived they could have him as well to make up for me… that was fun.

Ooh, weird. I’m typing this in Microsoft Word, as usual, and when I wasn’t touching the keyboard, trying to think of what to write here, I was attacked by the ‘save as’ window, thing… what the devil is it doing that for?

Anyway, I’m off to ‘shout’ at some Americans, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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