Annoying Toms, both likely interpretations of that, and other things…

Annoying Toms, both likely interpretations of that, and other things…

Good Evening.

Grr, as you may have guessed from the title, Tom was being annoying, so I annoyed him! Great fun! I just don’t understand why he refuses to accept that the Xbox I sent off to get repaired, months ago, is the same on I got back. Same serial number, same scaring on power button from Katana, same UNSC insignia, same Spartan green and ‘gold’ colour scheme. i think it’s his hatred of Microsoft, he can’t believe they could ever do anything right… and yes, a lot of the time their Xbox repairs are just send them another one. But they can’t do that with mine, they only made so many, and sold them all. It was repaired. (Even if repairs were just switching the motherboard or something.) hmm… anyway, less personal rants…

Hehe, did I have anything else to say? Aah yes, clowns.

Who is your favourite clown? In my opinion the best clown is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He kills children, ethnic minorities, majorities and oddities. What more do you want? Also regularly uses the form of a giant spider, is a deity and fights turtles… know what book I’m talking about?

Gaah, I hate that. Ready salted crisps, now with 30% less salt. Why do you think I was eating them? I don’t exactly enjoy the taste of plain crisp, put the bloody salt back! I don’t care if it’s slightly unhealthy.

Err, what else, watch out for the super moon… don’t know what that is? Neither do I, but allegedly it’ll occur on 10/03/2011, which is tomorrow! But not for long… great, now I want to watch Sweeney Todd. Good film, the new one.

What have I got to do, schoolwork wise. A lot… how about tonight? err… biology, perhaps… some chemistry revision… but that’s boring (for writing about).

Hehe, I don’t know why, but I’m giggling at the moment…

What fun, what was I going to do tonight? Play Sup com, too late for that… well, maybe not if I went for a short game. Err… hehe, I was going to play wars, but I doubt Tom will cooperate with that now… err… yeah that was it… I think I’ll just read or something then…

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski,



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