football hate-age, and other things

Good evening my feline fiends.

For some reason I want to say Cretinous fiends, but that seems somewhat offensive… and isn’t a real word…

My initial plan for this was something similar to my second post last Friday, i.e. Interview with a Leeski. Only with a different victim, perhaps a Craig, but at present those two re wittering on about football.

Lee: ‘we had free kicks’

No, you imbecile, ‘THEY’ had free kicks, are you on the team? No. [Vulgar term] [vulgar term].

And that reminds me of Being Human… good TV series, cliffhangers annoy me though, they don’t make me think ‘hmm, I want to see the next bit so I know what happens’, it’s more of  ‘grr, another one of these, [vulgar term] that.’ Then I stop watching it, unless it’s immediately available. Or good.

Anyway, what else do I have to say? What happened today? I had philosophy, talking about cloning. ICT Meakin taught me that you can’t solve problems by staring at them. Err… yeah, that’s it…

Yeah, back to one of my first points, I really hate football. I just don’t see the point in it, as a spectator sport. Okay, if you’re playing then it’s a source of exercise, and a method of passing the time. Not entertainment. But watching it? I don’t see thousands of people crowding around Gyms to watch someone on a treadmill. Why should Football be any different?

Even if you’re going to insist on watching a sport, there are much better choices. Would you rather see them men in shorts running around a field, kicking balls, and diving onto the ground, trying and get other people sent off, or some people in Gis beating the crap out of each other? Top spectator sports in my opinion, Blood Bowl (even if it is fictitious), Luge, stalking, and base jumping (without parachutes).

Just spent a while talking to a Leeski. Nothing interesting there, just a childish fat man (and a Craig).

Err, yeah, that’s all I have to say right now, Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski



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