Still awake, Ha!


Why am I awake, you don’t care.

Good question.

Because I haven’t gone to sleep yet, but I will soon, after I’ve posted this.

My plan was, as you may know; get enough of my ICT system thing complete to demonstrate it to Meakin. (Not The Mekon) which, err… didn’t go so well. On the plus side, it does give me an (in my opinion) acceptable reason to have not done my biology work. I always leave homework till weekends if possible, and I think this ICT stuff was just slightly more important than repeating the lessons again at home, without the discussion or demonstrations.

How long did I spend doing ICT work? Approaching 8 hours… although… I didn’t do that much work… I spend far too long experimenting with things… frmAddSquadUpgrade was particularly interesting, not that it works…

So, I’m off now, to sleep. For 5 hours. Well, less… perhaps checking something before departing actually… either way, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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