Ethics, workses, supcoms, distractions, hypnotism and darkness. no bubble, shadows or underwater trees though.

Good Evening.

I need help… it’s often said, people in corridors who I have a brief discussion with very regularly say ‘you need help man’. That’s amusing; nearly all of them say ‘man’. I thought that went out of common usage… I’ve had one or two saying ‘you need help dude’ which was kind of hilarious…

But in this instance I’m referring to my work ethic, or lack of.

Work ethic, that’s on odd term, personally I believe it’s unethical to force someone with my attention span to do work. Although… I can pay attention for extended durations, to interesting things… let’s rephrase that then.

I feel it’s unethical to force people with my attention span to do Boring work.

And I spelt ‘unethical’ as ‘unerthical’.

I woke up, and thought I’ll get out of bed, and do my ICT work now. I then watched Dragons Den, and Top Gear. Then decided to get out of bed, and do ICT work, again… so I got out of bed, loaded computer up. Checked emails, sodahead, facebook, evony, other emails, blog stars, more emails and youtube. Went to get breakfast, laid a fire, got breakfast (Hot chocolate and dark chocolate digestives,) came back, opened my ICT work, spent about 45 minutes watching videos on youtube, read about Portal. Played portal, defeated GLaDOS (only test chamber 19), completed advanced maps (on PC, so no Gamerscore for me there), that was about 1 ¾ hours, then I read IT for about 30 minutes, and finally started writing this. Considering it’s not 16:13, and my poorly estimated work time for significant progress was 10:00 until 00:00… yeah, that’s not good…

So I’ve been considering different methods of stopping myself getting distracted, the range from simple, ineffective self-discipline, just don’t do other things, which doesn’t work, to more difficult ones, such as Hypnotism or a lobotomy. Yeah! Childish ludicrous-ness!

Sounds like an Emski’s returned, I may inquire as to the location of my Lord of the Rings filmses.

I like to watch films while working, it stops me getting any actual work done, but it’s far more entertaining, I’ve had to compensate by listening to Simon & Garfunkel, which is just awesome… so, err… yeah, working…

Not as in actual work, I don’t do that, and by ‘actual work’ I am referring to a paid job, this is just coursework/project work for ICT A2… which I’m not allowed to be paid for, I think… not that that matters, my client wouldn’t pay me for anything…

Roast beef for foodses tonight. I can smell it at the moment; I’m getting very hungry…

♪Hello darkness, my old friend.♪

Good song… on that note, I also have Biology and other Biology work to do by Monday. My tactic of leaving it all until the last minute certainly has its downsides… and many of them…

I keep getting reminded of things though, Ben keeps prancing in here and wittering on about games, which is very distracting, I kee getting newsletters from games developers/publishers, games workshop, and other things… which is making me want to play games relevant to each one.

Okay, my plan to start working, in no particular order.

  1. Kill Ben.
  2. Stop checking emails while working
  3. Disable immediate xbox-ness, (leave the controller with someone I trust not to lose it, or refuse to give it to me for some deluded reason. (Anyone except parents).
  4. Undergo hypnotherapy.
  5. Stop reading fiction.
  6. Cease all social interaction (when I have available work. This one’s not difficult.)
  7. KILL
  8. MAIM
  9. BURN

Okay, so I got a bit distracted in there… would that work? I think I could cut it down to just hypnotherapy…

Anyway, after my somewhat short post at 23:48 yesterday, I went on Supreme Commander, not the best thing to do when I plan on sleeping… I spent about 90 minutes fighting the UEF… that was fun… I want to go on sup com now… great… you can do it tonight instead of sleeping, once ICT work is done.

And biology work.

Hehe, off to do that now, (the working thing, not Sup Com thing) thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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