Search results.

Good evening.

The following are search results osed to get to my blog, in the last 30 days. i’ll highlight some unusual ones.

  • the elder scroll iv: oblivion hitbox 2
  • skyrim tobuscus 2
  • blood bowl legendary edition wine 2
  • skyrim update 2
  • get legion 2
  • catfolk with morning star 2
  • bonnie tyler 1
  • tobuscus dead space 2 1
  • tobuscus theme song notes 1
  • another wasted day blog 1
  • is toby turner manic 1             [he does have ADD… allegedly…)
  • jogos,hmhb bn 1
  • toby turner age 1                        [he was 26 on 03/03/2011… born 03/03/1985 if i remember correctly)
  • fforde rpg 1
  • warband hitbox 1
  • toby turner 1
  • blood bowl legendary edition playonlinux 1
  • blood bowl legendary edition + wine 1
  • where can i buy toby turners shoes 1            [his heelies were sold as part of project for awesome.]
  • toby turner gay 1
  • huzza blog 1
  • tobuscus skyrim 1
  • nuclear puppy 1
  • toby turner’s xbox name 1         [that’s kind of obvious really. It’s ‘TOBUSCUS’]
  • recon flamable 1
  • toby turners words 1
  • i go to college tobuscus tabs 1
  • toby turner lord of the rings 1
  • when is toby turner’s “tobuscus” birthday? 1
  • millenium tree 1
  • mount and blade turisas 1
  • how does toby turner make te white room on 1     [to blend in with youtube according to him in ‘the youtube spotlight’. remnd me to link to that.]
  • toby turner word 1
  • yyyy 1
  • tobuscus mother 1
  • thomas harris edgar allan poe 1   [an interesting combination of poets and authors.]
  • toby turner spotify 1            [He’s on there.]
  • bioshock нужен текст песни от tobuscus 1          [what is that? Slavic?]
  • yeah, that’s an unrealistic goal, but that’s what i do. it’s important to set unrealistic goals. if you ever accomplish them, then it’s boring. i don’t wanna accomplish goals; i wanna always have goals.’- toby turner 1 [Why do you google a quote, if you know who said it?]
  • chemoautotrophs 1
  • load error : numbers of triggers in file : 29, exceeds 25 in mount and blade warband 1
  • what kind of a degree does toby turner 1   [why so many about Toby? i think he started off on microbiology, then switched to some telecommunications thing or something… see youtube spotlight, or some of his earlier videos.]


but yeah, most of them are Toby. on that note, why has my blog post titled ‘Music, Killing Lukes, and other things… but not many…‘ got 63 hits in 3 days? odd… and why do i keep getting refferals from some lunatics website about islam. not that there’s much wrong with islam.

Anyway, off topic. i have a chemistry leson in a few minutes.

This blog was brought to you by Willski, without the aid and any spelling or grammar checks.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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