killing americans (?) todays, hot chocolates, and other things…

Good Evening.

So, I’ve already posted twice today, but both of those were little fun things, which took an hour each.

Hehe, I typed ‘lit’ for little, then went and got hot chocolate, talked to Benski, parents and Emski, and came back 15 minutes later, to finish the sentence. So glad I could remember what I was saying. But my hot chocolates not hot anymore…

The talking to Emski was mostly in regards to this video. (If you want more specificism, about 05:30-06:00)

That’s funny… In my opinion.

So, did anything interesting happen today? Other ten interviewing Leeski, and amusing searches… yes.

I had chemistry 3rd, with no teacher, because she disappeared for 50 minutes of the lesson. that was weird… eavesdropping on nearby people… they don’t appreciate that.

You know, A-Level biology has really deteriorated. We just planted barley. Admittedly it was irradiated, and we were testing to see what percentage grow at what irradiated levels… 0, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Rads, or kilorads, or something Rad-ey…

I’m gonna scan my memory stick. Starting, do do, do do do do, do do do do do, do-o do-o, do do da do-o. yay! No threats found! As some of you may know, that tune I was ‘do’ing was the old runescape music on the login screen. I think they’ve changed it now… don’t know, I stopped playing about 4 years ago…

What have I got to do then? IT project, of course. Err, Biology homework, I probably have a lot… add links to one of my posts… err… yeah.

I think I know why my post about music, and killing lukes is so popular. I have the same amount of referrals from one website as view on that post. That website is what appears to be (from a quick look at the homepage) trying to convince people to convert to Islam. Did I say this already? I can’t remember…

So that’s a bit weird.

I’ve been paying some amount of attention to my twitter feed. Nothing interesting happens there! Not since the whole Nick Clegg following me before I followed him… that was fun…

I can’t think of much to do at the moment, I think I’m going to read my DMG… for those of you who don’t know, that’s a Dungeon Masters Guide. Thanks for reading, I put an uppercase ‘R’ on ‘reading’ for some reason… Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

hehe, I wrote this about 2 hours ago, I just cant be bothered to add categories…

an hours after that… I feel like listening to ABBA, so I will… Thaknks for reading, and Ta-ta. again…

Love Willski, again…



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