Old people, walking, KE VII negligence with EMA…

Good evening.

Old people annoy me. The ask you the same question30 times, and expect you to answer? In the case of mother, she insists on doing this while she’s driving, and I’m sitting behind her. Yeah, she’s not going to hear what I’m saying, so why should I respond? At best I have to repeat myself 5 or 6 times, perfectly audibly.

Or with Ede Cooper, ‘do you need to wear those [sunglasses] inside?’ of course I don’t. I don’t need to wear anything, it won’t kill me. I also don’t need to be polite and take them off when you ask me to.

When I say old, of course I mean more then bout 10 years older than me. What? It is old, compared to an adult mayfly.

I had a Norbert sitting on me for about 5-10 minutes after I got home, and I’ve had a Hide for the last 10-15… how many of the others will ‘attack’ me?

Well, that’s disappointing, the 4th track I heard on spotify today was an advert, was it yesterday or the day before I managed 2 ½ hours without any sound-ey ones… that was nice.

My driving lesson today was cancelled… and parents, for no apparent reason, insisted we walk or take the bus home. Do you honestly expect me to carry money for a bus? Batty old fool… no offense. And I just spilt coke on myself… the drink, not the drug.

♪You’ll see him in your nightmares,

♪you’ll see him in your dreams

♪He’ll appear out of nowhere but

♪he ain’t what he seems

♪You’ll see him in your head,

♪on the TV screen

♪And hey buddy, I’m warning

♪you to turn it off

♪He’s a ghost, he’s a god,

♪he’s a man, he’s a guru

♪You’re one microscopic cog

♪in his catastrophic plan

♪Designed and directed by

♪his red right hand♪


Good song.

What was I saying? Aah yes, not drugs… well, that’s all I had on that one…

♪Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right♪

Weird scenario… sound fun… not really…

So, walking, that’s tedious. I’m tempted to find out how far that was… but I’m far too lazy for that… so first I’m going to buy something if I have money, then I’m going on Sup Com. Awesome game, that I’m buying again, with reason.

Grr, I don’t have money. For some reason King Ed have neglected to give me EMA, I’d guess it has something to do with them flooding reception. Either way, that means I can’t buy games for people. I can buy other things though…

Anyway, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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