chemistry, burning witches, and other things, that we are talking about!

Good evening.

I have now done all my chemistry work, including the sneaky illusive bits, that I’m supposed to…

Yeah, only mentioned that for a longer title…

I had food today, uncommon, but I can’t tell you if it tasted nice, it kinda burned my tongue, and now I can’t taste anything, except ‘sweet’, which is entertaining… and very confusing when I drank some undiluted apple and blackcurrant something or other…

I just completed witch hunt. Why do they have a cliff hanger on DLC? Or do they… I’m writing this during the credits, they might not… nope. Nothing. Maybe they’ll release more, or something… whatever, and other dismissive terms to hide annoyance.

Mass effect 2 has more DLC planned, there’s another one closer to mass effect 3 launch (duh…)

No, not ‘duh’. They could release it further after then this is before.  Can’t remember what that’s supposed to be though, just that it bridges between mass effects 2 and 3.

I may have to extend the title now…

What day is it anyway?  Saturday? For another 24 minutes? Bollocks…

I really need to finish that biology stuff… and my ICT coursework… it doesn’t even work yet… which is bad.

Stating the obvious again there, I’m good at that…

Anyway, what to do now? Watching Horizon on iPlayer, how about you? What are you doing?

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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