Zombies, moneyz, with a ‘z’, and perhaps bookses…

Good Evening.

Left 4 Dead 2 arrived this morning, so I spent a while on that. Twas quite fun, for a time. Then the tedium of dying seconds from completion, (‘seconds’ usually ranging from 20, to 200 ish) kind of got annoying. So I gave up. (no idea why, but that reminded me I was going to but The Lord of the Rings Books, only the Hobbit, Fellowship of the ring, two towers and Return of the king for now. More later. I think it was the wording of stuff… that’s nice and vague)

After that I went on Call of Duty World at War, zombies. Great fun, even if I did only last until round 3… yeah, I’m not that good… conversation with Simi.

Simi: How can you be down already?

Me: I’m shit.

Which I felt was quite accurate, if unnecessarily vulgar.

I still haven’t got Der Reise. Because the swine that do the EMA at KE VII still haven’t done it for last week. Yeah, that’s my only income… I need a job… but not yet. Other things first…

Excuse my spelling. I’m to lazy to check it.

And hungry, I’m going to go forage.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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