nothing-ness! and other things, like cake! and ‘annoying american[s]’…

Good evening, my equine fiends.

I need a haircut. That’s all I have on that one…

At present it parts in at least 3 different directions… weird…

Currently watching that:

Quite entertaining… that was easier then commenting on individual parts, and confusing you because you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Not much interesting happened today… All I did was play moderately crap games so no sort in inspiration for anything… some odd rants at times… but nothing! Just really nice cake, courtesy of Emski.

I put a ‘#’ there, don’t know why, well, I do, I missed ‘Enter’ first time…

I’ve managed to not do anything productive at all for the last 3 days… I think… I did some ‘work’ on Thursday, but nothing since then, not good…

Now I’m watching Toby and iJustines Little Big Planet 2 gameplay commentary… interesting conversations, terrible game though… meh…

i don’t expect you to watch the videos… you should though…

Err, have I got anything to say today? I don’t think so… Ta-ta then.

Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.

With an ‘s’ again, this time.




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