Special Ginger Friends? Youtube, pizza, and micro-rants on international day.

Good Evening.

In the car today, Benski was talking about Gingie, his Special Ginger friend… that was weird…

Soo, I learned today that if I don’t pay for a Purple Ribbon,I will be chased down and murdered! No, just beaten badly.

So now they’re forcing us to give money to charity? Don’t you just love fascism? Soo, they’re not going to like that are they?

Anyway, other things, seeing as I don’t feel like ranting again…

I’m listening to Simon & Garfunkel. That’s nice.

So, I’m eating yummy Pizza of deliciousness, while uploading videos to youtube. Is it possible to change your name on youtube? I kind of hate ‘Fustify’… but it’s linked to my googlemail email address-ey-thing…

Anyway, I may link to them.

For more check my channel, and don’t worry about Paedophilia, they’re both 18, (or over, depending when you read this…)

Hehe, I really don’t have much to say when rant avoiding… I’ve ordered Left for Dead 2, that’s fun now, isn’t it? Probably… perhaps… maybe…

Other indecisive comments may follow.

Do you ever get that feeling, like you locked someone in the boot of a car somewhere, and didn’t let them out? Hmm… don’t know why I am, I’ve never done it. Perhaps it’s something else then…

I don’t know, either way, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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