Confused by Ians, Wars, (of the Halo variety) and Undercooking Chickens

Good Evening.

If you pay any attention to the Urls of these things, I never bother changing them, but I can… This post was originally about ‘Uddercooking Chickerns’. Weird…

So, as you may have seen, on facebook yesterday I said:

why do so many people on yahoo answers include ’10 points best answer’ in the question?
That’s how the website works, you don’t need to say it! Idiots. please, just burn. Slowly.

A valid mini-rant. What I didn’t expect was that Ian would like the idea of burning a couple of hundred people for stating the obvious… then again, he is religious…

So, I went on Halo Wars, awesome game, that was fun. I do not recommend Cyclops spam. Or flamethrower spam… but I didn’t lose a game, except when Benski put him, Tom and me against 3 legendary AIs… that wasn’t exactly easy… but was a complete and utter failure.

So, as I may have mentioned, KE VII are forcing us to do the pointless timewasting shit commonly known as ‘International day’. A basic overview for those of you who don’t know.

Instead of our usual lessons, in which we learn semi-usefull information, and work towards examinations, for qualifications, we are forced to wander around the school partaking in the most pointless of activities, such as ‘the empires game’, or ‘nuclear weapons’ (that sounds interesting, but I assure you it isn’t.) This, as you can probably imagine, isn’t taken particularly well by the students, and the merge the years, so it’s basically sitting in a room, with a bunch of childish plebs I don’t know, who are all whining about having to do it.

And to top it all off, the expect us to pay for the privilege. £1, not much really, but then you have to remember, it goes to charity. Or more specifically, building some building for some people somewhere. But then, they give you a purple thing, that probably costs close to £1 to make, and pay people to come in and teach special stuff! So overall they make a loss. Why don’t they just give the money they would spend on it to the weird building stuff, and let me have a nice relaxing last day of term, with 3 lessons?

That rant kind of got a bit, err, terrible near the end… I don’t type quickly enough for my thoughts.

So, to try and get out of that, I’ve been trying to convince my mother to undercook some chicken for me. Great idea right?

It’d work.

Under most circumstances I’d have  comment saying something like ‘I hope they don’t read this’ her, but not this time, because I really couldn’t care less.

Well I could, but it would be difficult… I think I’d care less for some children being slowly roasted alive in an orphanage… but that’s getting childish, so I’ll leave it there… before it degenerates much further…


Too late…

Anyway, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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