names, words, and Sup Com


Names are fun things. There are certain name that, in my opinion, just seem to work, make sense, don’t seem weird. Melanie Miles-Shenton, Toby Turner, Lee Garrett, Adolf Hitler, being s few. Then there’s some which are just a bit weird, for example William Jeffrey Salt. That’s very weird isn’t it? Yup, that’s my full name. if you didn’t know that, you’re an idiot, most of it’s in the url. But it’s just a very weird name, and a lot of people don’t actually believe it. I’ve actually had people accusing me of making it up, because a salt is a crystalline compound, usually containing a metal and none metal, formed by an acid/alkaline neutralisation, and perhaps other things… quite a few…

Okay, most of them were chavs, so didn’t understand anything with more than two syllables, they thought it was ‘that thing what goes on chips.’ They’re so stupid, I couldn’t get them to understand that I didn’t make it up just to annoy them, so, I burned them.

Not really, but I wanted to.

Alive preferably. Is that weird?

Spelling is fun stuff as well, I’m sure lots of people could give me an explanation for this, and a few of you might be right, but some spelling is just weird. For example, ‘Character’. Why does it need that ‘h’? It serves no purpose, what’s it doing there? Or ‘Knife’, doesn’t need the ‘k’, does it? Grr… damn English… (The people and the language.)

Anyway, enough of that; how are you today?

You know, none of you have every responded to that question. Not on here anyway, most of you I meet in real life, or talk to on msn, or other… answer it then, strange…

Anyway, today was fun! ‘Twas a Friday. Got a lift to KE VII from Luke, because he’s nice like that, thank you Luke. (Although I still disapprove of that hell hole… not an accurate description really, it’s on a hill.)

I have a cold, as far as I can tell, at the moment it’s going away, but for nearly an hour today, it seemed to get significantly worse… and mucous-ey-er… but I won’t go into detail, because I did first time, and found it kind of disgusting…

I spent most of the last 6 ½ hours on SupCom, had 2 games… Seraphim vs. UEF, and UEF vs. UEF. Won both, because I’m awesome, and only put it against a challenge AI… ending the second game was brilliant, I had about 25 full nuke silos, and my enemy had been near enough wiped out by my Mavor’s, (really big Experimental artillery, of which I had 20, at 139 minutes each, it’s nice I had them by 1 ½ hours, good economy, and lots of engineers) so I was basically chasing Engineers, and mass extractors. Got most of them with the mavors, but in the end sent about 75 nukes out to clear the other side of the map… yeah, I’m not good at post game coverage.

First game I had an Ahwassa by 42 minutes, and another showing up every 4 ½ minutes, between the first two, I took out enemies ACU, and their 3 full-ish bases. Experimentals are good. And that’s not meant to be a plural.

No idea what I’m going to do for the rest of the night, too late for my brain to work, so I’ll just talk to some Americans methinks. Is that racist? Maybe…

Thanks for reading, have an interesting weekend, so I have something to interrogate you about. Ta-ta.

I meant ask you about.

Love Willski.


One Response to “names, words, and Sup Com”

  1. English Helper Says:

    Howdy, the reason that English has so many unnecessary letters in such as ‘h’ in ‘Character’ and such is as follows:
    Before the standardisation of the English language (pre 1800’s), writers were paid per ‘character’ and so added more letters to words hence “through” over “thru” to simply get more money. This was then standardised and we still use it today.
    Hope this helped 🙂


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