some stuff i’ve forgotten, i wrote it ages ago…

Good Evening.

I can’t see my screen, why not? Because I only have one of them, and that’s currently displaying Halo Wars, so I apolise for my typing in this part, which I shall leave uncorrected, aside from whatever word feels like doing without asking me…

I can see now! Really? Only one remaining mistake? That’s boring…

Anyhow, having usual problems with live, where they disconnect me after 3 minutes, well, 1 ½. And don’t you try and claim it’s my network, because Benski’s playing too, and he’s not disconnected, at the same time.

I went on the Microsoft customer support section, and found nothing! So I emailed them, and got told to check the FAQ, I think I told you that though…

What else? Can’t watch Vlogs, or listen to Rush, the two things I was planning on doing, because to forced me to go on live. Bastard. Hence the mentioning repeated disconnections.

What did I do today? I didn’t have a driving lesson, driving instructor wasn’t feeling well… I’m coughing up blood, (well, not much anymore,) I think I’m worse off… then again, I’m amused by that, rather than concerned…

Due to a lack of internet on computer I think I’ll listen to Pam Ayres…

To test mothers eyesight I sneakily smuggled a bag of cheap aeros out of the kitchen, through the back lounge, past mother and eventually to my room… probably shouldn’t have kept them, they’re virtually gone now…

There’s some mistake… (listening to it, not making a point.)

Good poem.

I may join Tom and Ben again soon, so I’ll stop writing now… I may add more later, although I won’t be able to post this until after I’m done with them.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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