Unoriginal blog of Toby-ness… and coughing!


That name will really convince you to read this…

I have ordered things… that’s good. Don’t know how long it’ll take to arrive, coming from America… last time it was about 5 days or something… I’ll check, I think I mentioned it on here somewhere…

5 weeks early apparently…

So, what happened today? My watch died this morning. It made some strange beep-ey noise, and reset to some time on the first of January 2005. That was fun… would have been more so if it hadn’t happened at 01:45 ish… speaking of time, I have my phone set to display the time in Los Angeles, for reasons those of you who know me well should be able to surmise.

So, I’m currently removing shoes, which is great fun when there’s a kitten fighting my shoelaces…

I’ve been listening to Toby’s guitar playing-ness, which isn’t overly varied… so in no particular order, the ones I’ve been listening to… don’t know why, most of you don’t watch videos I post… yes I’m talking about you two, Tom and Mother.

Most of those are quite old… by my standards…

I wonder what rumours they were trying to dispel.

what else can I say, aside from posting other peoples work…

MY Biology homework includes yesterday’s blog, I typed them both in the same window, I think I was trying to be economical or something… perhaps egomaniacal… anyway, I didn’t delete it before I printed my biology work. The blog didn’t exactly fit on one page, so the first page of the weird question-ey things says’ Love Willski’ at the top, great fun.

As you may have noticed if you’ve been anywhere near me recently I’ve been coughing a lot. But good news, it no longer leaves the taste of blood, and bits of organic tissue in by mouth! Awesome! Still painful though… someone told me to see a doctor about that… god no, I’ve seen Assassins Creed Brotherhood multiplayer!

Hehe, not good…

I have to go play Cirtyville for mother. But I highly recommend against playing anything by Zynga. Mainly because I get addicted to them…

Anyway, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


One Response to “Unoriginal blog of Toby-ness… and coughing!”

  1. What’s wrong with Malfatto ?


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