Seals, cute americans, guitars, penguins, Sins, biology, long lists in titles and words.

Good Evening.

How are you today?

Yeah, I’m not good at introductions… anyway, what am I going to write? I played Sins today, (Sins of a Solar empire, awesome game, try it sometime.) that was fun, until about 4 ½ hours into the game where it just died. Something about a mini dump… which given the ‘new’ alternate meaning of ‘dump’ could be misinterpreted by you… I went back to the last auto save, played that 15 minutes again, same thing happened, so I did it again, and save after about 14 minutes 30 seconds, then it did it again. So I think it just doesn’t like auto saving now… I’ll go on later and turn off auto saves.

How much later? What do I have to do? Biology homework, yay? Why haven’t I done that yet, more importantly, why Is it due in 2 days before the lesson, or the day before… I forget what week it is, or what day… thought it was Saturday this morning, well I thought it was Sunday, but then something that happened yesterday happened again, so I was sure it was just yesterday again… don’t know why I thought that, I think I’m going crazy again… on that note, awesome queen music.

I’m going slightly mad.

Great song, I love the penguins.

Google video, because Youtube doesn’t work at KE VII, and I like to see what I wrote… or linked to…

I’ve spent most of the day, on sins actually… quite a bit of it was sleeping too… but the rest that wasn’t eating was my usual repeatedly watch Toby’s Vlogs from the past 8 months. Not as much due to obsession with him as usual… I want to use a different term to obsession, but ii can’t think of any… infatuation is a short live obsession, according to the dictionary here… Thesaurus! Mania, Greek isn’t it? Toby-mania, a nice hybrid word… Fascination, fixation, perhaps… passion, preoccupation and ‘thing’ not so much… nice antonym though, one of my favourite words, which I now overuse… ‘Indifference.’  Anyway, where was I, aah yes, less to do with that than usual. More because I’m trying to find the vlog where he says he played skaven. I can’t remember why I wanted to find it, it was relevant about 5 days ago… but yesterday I was at Derby, then playing Sins, and before that I was at school most of the day, and avoiding doing work for the rest… that’s fun…

On a Toby/Avoiding work note: Classical Gas for Class. (Unfortunately, or not, depending on your perspective, from youtube this time.)

Look at his face at 02:55, so cute! Yeah, that was kind of gay… (in the non-traditional sense,) forget I said that…

According to him, that actually worked. I read all the comments on it yesterday… that was the night before (Sunday), the next day, (Monday, at 11:45) he played it in class, and the other students forced the teacher to comply.

That would be a nice thing to do, the convince teacher to not give me homework… don’t care so much about musical talent… but the best I can do is just not do the homework, and hope they don’t mind.

It’s 20:16 at the moment, it’ll be later when I post this. This is time I had allotted for doing the biology homework I mentioned I hadn’t done… should probably do that…

Typing this in Microsoft office, for the spell checking and grammatical help. It’s just full of little squiggly green lines saying ‘Fragment (consider revising)’

How does it know I have exams coming up? Joke. But slightly more seriously, no. I wrote a ‘fragment,’ it can stay a fragment. I miss the paper clip, he used to tell me that… but I can’t find him in Microsoft Office 2010. Did they get rid of it? Shame…

What’s really great is I keep getting message popping up when I close this asking if they can sample my work to improve their grammar checking, sure, it’s completely wrong, but if you insist. Yeah, that’s kinda mean… ‘Kinda,’ not a word, nor should it be.

What am I saying? I can’t remember… 2023, am I typing slowly? No I just watched that video… I think… I can’t remember… tvguide in firefox thinks it’s yesterday, that’s not too bad, in opera, it’s still 11 December last year.

Skyrim news for those who care and haven’t seen/heard it already, was posted 4 days ago, I just keep forgetting to include it.

I think that’s everything I was going to say… so time to post this, 774 words? One of my longest posts, that’s nice. Probably because I’m supposed to be working… fun!

792 now… that’ll change when I post it… m usual closing comments, turning those hyperlinks into videos, or merging them into text… fun!

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski


800 according to wordpress.

803 including that, and 809 with this sentence/line.

Addition… not going to add word counts now… but fun conversations with myself now…

Something like ‘no frostbite, that’s not good’ with clenched teeth.

Unclenched teeth: ‘Don’t talk like that, it makes me think… Toby tells truths, toby said ‘I had a lot on my plate’ with jaw/teeth clenched, which was his follow up to ‘LIE TO ME – With Toby’, someone says ‘blubber’ in a weird voice, blubber, seals, question on biology paper, biology work I should be doing.’

Simples, anyway, Ta-ta, again.

Love Willski.



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