Derby University, insane women driving… other things…

Good Evening my fiends.

Not a typo.

I went to Derby University this morning. That was fun. Mother took me, because she’s nice like that, but she’s not necessarily the best driver in the world. She generally steers properly, and doesn’t stall or crash much, but she seems to have issues with speed. On a 50 mph road, she was doing 80… fortunately when the speed limit dropped to 40, she slowed down… to 75… she got annoyed on the way back, and lost. There were other cars stopping her from driving ‘properly’… And, of course, she couldn’t see the sign posts, through the light rain, and solid objects, so ended up going in completely the wrong direction.

Actually there was interesting, I spoke to some of the people who do the forensic science courses. I’ve always been told that when meeting new people, it’s best to make an impression, which I think I might have done when mentioned that drowning is one of the most pleasant ways to die, as long as you don’t struggle.

I just watched Ultramarines, the movie. It’s very bad, the animations are generally a bit shoddy, definitely worse than the Halo Wars cut scenes, although they got facial expressions right… Quite annoying, however, was the complete lack of any ‘factual’ accuracy. Well, as close as you can get with things based upon fictitious stuff…

On that note, the waterstones in Derby University is quite well stocked with Warhammer books. Nice.

What to do now? 15:11, Emski’s supposed to finish work at six… so things to do then but what about until then? At present I’m listening to ‘Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Motion Picture Soundtrack’ on spotify. Might steal the DVD from Em’s room…

But food soon, what options? Nothing convenient and overly desirable… need more cookies… off topic, thanks for reading.


Love Willski.


4 Responses to “Derby University, insane women driving… other things…”

  1. That’s better than my mum. She hangs on to the handle above the passenger seat for dear life while I’m going at 45 km/h at a 60 km/h zone…

  2. It wasn’t ‘completely the wrong direction’ git-face, and I was wasn’t ‘lost’ because I knew exactly where I was! Thanks for the ‘nice’


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