Video conversion of tedious-ness! and Small furry Animals!

Good Evening.

Not a euphemism, Mother.

New Micro SD card arrives, awesomez, in oversized packaging, less awesomez…

The Micro SD card is approx. 1.2X1.5X0.1 cm, for an approximate volume of 0.8cm^3, with a chunk missing from the side, because they have weird designs…

The box it came in was approx. 2.6X20.8X22.4 (cm), so approximately 1211.392 cm^3.  That’s, by my maths, 1514.24 times the size of its contents. Very excessive.

I, of course, got a larger (in storage terms) Micro SD card to carry more videos, and have spent the last few hours converting videos to put them on there… yeah, that was a waste of time…

Friday tomorrow! So only two lessons, very good!

I don’t really have much to write here, I thought I could drag that stuff out another two or three dozen words…

What happened today? Still can’t get an answer about re-taking exam, and I’m more productive then Craig.

In 4 hours, Craig ‘designed’/specified/outlined/whatever, 17 tests for his ICT project. I got 254. Even if you only count the two hours today, I got 131, and he got, err… 17 again I think… but, yeah, yay! Someone less productive then me! Let’s drill his kneecaps! No, don’t do that, it’s mean, and I like Craig, sort of… annoying swine…

Mothers going to decide that means I’m gay isn’t she? She assumes I love or fancy, or whatever other weird term she thinks up of, anyone I mention except Leeski or Tom… It’s a bit weird… and very annoying…

Ooh! Something else that happened! Driving lesson! And once again I didn’t hit anyone… had an interesting discussion about that with Kris though… something like:

Kris: at least you haven’t run me over yet.

Willski: Of course not, I haven’t seen you.

Yeah, that offended him… I wonder why…

And now I’ll leave you with small furry animals.

Thanks for reading, and not flaying me.

Eugenics really makes the case

That’s great.

Ta-ta, Love Willski.



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