Not working in social…

Good Evening.

It’s twenty to three, 14:40… well, not anymore… 14:41 now…

I’m currently in the study centre, no longer attempting to work, because about 20ft. away, there is a madman with a drill attacking a wall! It’s making an awful lot of noise, makes any form of concentration difficult… Hence the writing a Blog.

Anyhow, other things, Leeski is hinting he wants to be mentioned, with all the subtlety of a battleaxe.  there you go Leeski.

Tylers being an idiot again… wants to watch videos on my phone, but insists on doing so discreetly in the study centre, rather then in the social centre where it’d be poifectly ok…

I’ve stopped using real words, that’s bad…

Leeski has finished highlighting! WOW!

yeah, i don’t have much to post…

I inquired about re-sitting AS chemistry June exam, 3 times in less then 5 minutes. Every time i got an explanation of why i can’t re sit the AS coursework… what? that’s not relevant, go away you lunatic. Yeah, I didn’t actually say that to her (Not Thornton.)

I wonder if there’ll be more cookies awaiting me when i get home?

anyway, time to go elsewhere, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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