Games, Canadians, Hills and other things I haven’t decided upon yet…

Good Evening.

Unusually early for me to start writing a blog, but it feels later then it is… not that I feel tired, although that would be fun… I don’t know… I’ve confused myself now…

So, what happened today, or will be happening in the near future? Anything noteworthy whatsoever? I have approx. 10 weeks to finish ICT coursework, I seem to be finding any reason possibly not to work on it, not good…

Emski turned into a Panda, I’d post a picture of it, but the evasive fiend that she is, I couldn’t get an acceptable photo… that was fun…

Can I ask a favour of you, my readers, could you post a comment saying who you are, because I get odd views on here… 15 views before I posted this? Who is that… I don’t get enough spam for that to cover it all…

Anyway, other stuff… didn’t go to Biology Assessed Practical today, I decided to go home instead… that was fun… Don’t tell mother, she’d complain. Probably shouldn’t write that here then…

Channel one goes away today, you’d think on the last day of their broadcasted-ness they’d not show the same stuff that was on two weeks ago… bad grammar…

Opera’s being entertaining, The Internet browser, not the music, I haven’t refreshed TV guide, so it still thinks it’s 11.12.2010. that’s fun, isn’t it? No, it’s really boring… On another boring note, I’ve had the same video playing repeatedly for the last 2 hours, ish.

Good video, very entertaining near the start.

Videos! Mother doesn’t usually watch them if she reads this, quite impolite isn’t it? So I might post something especially for her… if I can think of something suitably entertaining, or offensive…

Nope, couldn’t find anything I could bring myself to post…

I did end up watching some Mass Effect 2 videos, they’re fun… but the presence of it in them makes me really annoyed I don’t have collector or terminus equipment sets… grr… Damned annoying, so I’m going to make sure I get all the possible pre-order stuff for Mass Effect 3, and hopefully Bioware have gained some sense, and won’t have half of it only available in America.

Speaking of Bioware, I think I’ll add something else Canadian to this video.

what a brilliant romantic song.

And, of course, the vlog of Toby’s with a somewhat more hilarious then usual part about 5 seconds in, stuff about hills.

I think that’s everything I feel like typing at the moment. Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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