Driving lesson of unknown number, conversations, Dead Space 2 Literal trailer, and more Canadian entertainment…

Good Evening.

As you may know, I usually write the title first, to remind me what to write, not doing that this time. Mostly because I forgot to open firefox, just Word…

So, today, the most significant occurrence would, of course, be my driving lesson. This week my driving was appalling, even worse than usual, which is a very difficult thing to accomplish. Not all my fault, for example, coming off a roundabout, but pulls in in front of me, then stops, much fun was had there, and suicidal crazy drivers, on the wrong side of the road, get back onto the correct, left, side hit the kerb, then drive off opening and closing their doors.

The most interesting part had to be the conversations with driving instructor, who went to hospital with some disease, and came out with an even worse disease, hence missing lessons. The car, some Citroen thing, has a display on the dash board telling you what gear it thinks you should be in, so, for example, when you’re rolling down a hill, at almost 50mph, (in third gear for some reason) approaching a blind corner, it tells you to change into 4th. Personally I’d much rather break. I didn’t. That’s there to try and put you in the most economical gear, use least petrol, so I suggested they save energy by disabling the lights in the display, in fact just all the lights, including head lights, indicators, break lights, etc. Driving instructor, whose name once again eludes me, quite correctly pointed out that this would result in more crashed. Excellent! Fewer cars on the road! A brilliant plan, don’t you think? Evidently I don’t.

Talks about global warming, the cyclists are saving the planet, get a horse! They’re cute, but you do have to feed and stable them, which while cheaper than petrol, if your car breaks down, you don’t have to shoot it, and buy a new one.

As I mentioned, my driving was a bit crap, within 5 minutes I’d stalled more times than Benski had in his entire lesson, somewhat disappointing… so I pointed out it’s better to fail spectacularly then just fail, so I might as well keep stalling, maybe run down some pedestrians, (I remember Charles Langer’s pronunciation of that, Ped-A-Strains, hilarious) maybe a lamp post… kind of worrying when instructor agreed…

We did of course cover the lovely topic of the horror that is the driving test, which is held on British roads, with their faded road markings, and excessive spine compressing, life shortening speed bumps… so yes, no road markings, where to go to turn right? Presumably to the right, what if I don’t know which way is right? Apparently that’s a common problem during driving tests, forgetting your primary school education, is 70 higher than 30? We’ll never know, driving examiners pointing where to go… Anyway, to solve the problems with that, just always turn the wrong way. Simple! Also, see if the examiner will learn, will (s)he start telling you to go the wrong way? Then you can start doing what you’re told, great fun!

You’ll probably find a lot of this posted in Bens Blog… which you should read; it’s generally more interesting than mine.

So, what else happened today? I left the memory card for my phone at home, yay!

I’ve been becoming more progressively fonder of Toby (I could probably just leave it there… but I won’t) where was i? Toby’s’ Dead space 2 literal trailer, as you may have seen yesterday on Facebook, it’s growing on me, like a fungus. That reminds me of Gingie… ‘When they made me they threw away the mould, unfortunately it’s started growing back’. Was he quoting someone there? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Anyway, Dead space 2 literal trailer, which may be featured below. If I remember to add it.

Who wants more of that marvellous Canadian entertainment? Who cares, here’s some anyway.

Yeah, if I forget to add the videos, that won’t make sense.

So, anything else noteworthy? Nope? Excellent.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely/ painful weekend, depending who you are, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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