Yeah, I don’t know why I typed that in capitals…

Finally got computer back, it was stolen by a fish, anda Liam, who wanted to play Thing Thing 2 Arena… good game…

I say my computer, it’s not… it’s just one of the computers in Study centre that I happened to log on on…

anyway, today, chemistry exam, that was fun, if mildly annoying… in that there was quite a lot on synthesis, which i don’t really know…

Reach tonight, weekly challange sounds fun! Should be doing that with Benski, and Gingie.

Winter Contingency: LASO

Complete Winter Contingency, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO).

My god! They’ve finally updated my picture, thing… Thanks you Bungie!

no spelling/grammar checking by Microsoft office, hence the crappy-ness…

double biology next, with the majority of the class disappeared to do Maths-ey things… mechanics exam or something… that’ll be fun… but I’ve got 20 minutes to ponder how the devil i managed to get 43 views last sunday, most of which are on Saturdays post

so, while I do that, I bid you an insincere farewell, Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.




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