Happy Monday!

Good evening.

Is it a happy Monday? Biology exams, lack of seating, but on the plus side, very weird expression, I’m not going to use that again, I did spend about 7 hours on Dragon Age: Origins, (although it’s still ‘Fragon Age: Origins on my blog…) which was fun. haven’t got all party members yet though…

  • Alistair – Got
  • Dog – Got
  • Leliana – Got
  • Morrigan – Got
  • Oghren – Not got
  • Secret companion – Not got
  • Shale – Not got
  • Sten – Got
  • Wynne – Got
  • Zevran – Got

So that’s something to do, after Wednesday… not tomorrow, if you catch me playing it tomorrow, beat me with an Oar or something… there’s one a few feet above me.

Anyway, i’m getting tired, and i don’t know why, what time is it? Only 2315, weird…

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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