Huzza! why?

Good Evening.

Why huzza? Mostly because I have no idea what I’m going to write, so I can’t think of an appropriate title.

I’d quite like to have witty titles on these things, but my complete lack of a sense of humour, in the traditional sense, so of stops that… I say traditional sense, because I do have a sense of humour, but no one else thinks it’s funny…damn you everyone else!

Played some ODST today… it still thinks I haven’t completed the campaign, I’ve done it on legendary several times with Benski, Tomski, Jameski, and Gingieski… on that note, I still need to get Vidmaster Endure, and Déjà vu… Lovely Microsoft word, put the accents there for me, yay!

I also need lightswitch… I forgot about those while playing reach…

Anyone want to drill a hole in my wall? I want to put an Ethernet cable through it, I have a 10 metre one, but that’s not long enough for the current route, and I don’t feel like getting another 15m one… that costs money… I always need money, I really should get a job. But I won’t.

Not until June anyway… after my exams.

What to do tonight? odd… the ‘What to…’ reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel… which song is that? Aah yes, ‘For Emily, whenever I may find her’, but that’s ‘what a…’ weird…

So, things to do, Halo 3 Vidmasters, Mass Effect 1 & 2 playthroughs, (enough mass effect 1 to get 2 characters to level 60, and one for each on Mass Effect 2, if I can get to level 30… should be able too, after collectors, if not before… Preparation for Mass Effect 3, of course.

Pre-order Skyrim…

Halo 3 ODST campaign to actually register, finally finish Bioshocks… AC Brotherhood and ACII collectables…

Yeah, I’ll do that after exams too… when is that? 5 months? That’s got to be the furthest in advance I’ve planned anything… and that’s probably not good… just kicked my Xbox, that’s not good either…

That’s something, my mother is a very deceitful cook, so never trust anything she serves. We’ve had Chicken that was really pheasant, Chicken that was really Pork, chocolate cake, with Beetroot in…which explains why it tasted a bit weird… I also can’t think why you’d put beetroot in it, with the temperature and time it’s cooked for, any beneficial-ness is just obliterated, it makes it taste a bit weird… not very weird, weird enough to stop me having seconds….

She also tried to convince me that me and Benski loved beetroot as children, I have very contradictory claims form Wendy, who says we hated the stuff, but they wouldn’t give us anything else… If they tried that now I’d just starve to death…which would be great fun.

Of course, they’d claim it was my fault, ‘oh he just started refusing to eat anything…’ and knowing them, they’d probably believe it… they don’t seem to understand just how stupid their decisions are… a probably shouldn’t say this here, as they’re just about the only people who read this… but still, they say Wayne attacks the cats because he’s territorial, no he doesn’t, he does it because you used to reward him when he did, if he chased Norbert out the house you’d congratulate him, and give him treats. Grr… I’ll stop there, because I’m thinking of too many of those, and I don’t want to end up typing them all… also because I feel like I’m (for lack of a term I like, that immedietly springs to mind,) ‘Bitching’ about parents…

Intersting conversations with Tom at the moment… says (20:47):

*wheres benski

:[Willski:[                       says (20:47):

*Xbox Live, Zombies last i checked says (20:48):

*oh dear

:[Willski:[                       says (20:50):

*yes darling?

He didn’t seem to understand that…

Other things? Toby forgot to where clothes, I’m listening to Simon & Garfunkel, Reach is awesome, minor annoyance fluttering around in my head, unrelated to previous rant… and Don’t feed the Penguins!

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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