Annoying idiots.

Good evening.

Unlike usual, a title like that isn’t some idiots annoying me, I was annoying an idiot! Specifically Craig. Very much idiot-ness.

I sent him the following messages from about 3 feet away… at lunch… I get bored.

‘Good Evening.

300 free texts and nothing to do with them, so I’m going to harass you.

Apologies for my spelling.

Love Willski.’


‘What’s wrong with beong harrassed?’


‘U suck spoon’


‘You’re a very violent person…



‘I can’t think of anything annoying to send.’


‘The password is snowman’


”Biscuits are delicious’ – Toby Turner, Annoying my Dog’

Guess which one Emma wrote?

Yeah, my spelling is terrible. Well, ‘beong harrassed’ I was anyway…

I’ve been reading IT. Great book so far, a small child got his arm ripped off by a clown 😛 Brilliant!

So, nothing of interest happened today, I even got about 4 hours sleep this morning. Tomorrow, a full night’s sleep, or at least as close to it as I ever get, err, Philosophy second! Well, first, and second…

Okay, random thought chains… I want to translate this into German before posting it… I won’t. On German language notes, Father and Toby both speak some German… Nice language, I want to learn it, and Latin. The latter sounds very nice… I’ll buy a teach yourself German thing, and then get bored of it after 3 days. Good plan.

I’m writing this in Microsoft Office 2010, for improved spelling and grammar. Did it help? It hasn’t corrected much… anyway, Microsoft office 2010, I put it into the ‘black’ colour scheme, now everything is nice and dark. AwesomeJ.

Did they get rid of the assistants, or am I just incompetent? I miss the paperclip…

On that unprecedented note, Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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