Sunday, Reach ICT projects…

Good Evening.

I had a cunning plan, but I’m not Baldrick, so I didn’t say it like that.

I was going to make a query, then spend a couple of minutes on Reach, then another query, and so on, to allow myself to finish my ICT project, and not get bored. That didn’t work; I made two queries, and then spent about 4 hours on reach… yeah, that didn’t go well… but I should finish in time to get some sleep. Or not, now I’ve remembered I need a database dictionary… Weird name… lots of ellipsis’s…

Benski and Gingies fault I was on Reach… Damn them, forcing me to complete daily challenges, and play forge… They shall, err… be a victim of the outcome of some childish, empty threat…

Err, what else to say…

Never have much to say on weekends, my blogs are usually influenced by conversations with people throughout the day, and I don’t really talk to anyone on topics worth writing about. So, apologies for the lack of content… I’m going to go get something to eat now… Damn human body, very demanding thing… Need food, or it stops repairing/maintaining itself, need water or it just sort of stops, needs to spend several hours a night unconscious, or it starts undergoing mental and physical degradation/decay, need to avoid toxins, needs to stay within certain temperature ranges… grr…

Right, food, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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