yet another cancelled driving lesson…

Good Evening.

Yet another driving lesson of mine has been cancelled, this time due to alleged hospitalisation of driving instructor… grr…

What to do tonight? Currently listening to Voltaire, he’s a bit weird… Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids, including ‘Brains!’!

Mount & Blade Warband? No, Oblivion is better and available for me on more platforms… SupCom, perhaps, as long as it’s the first one… Black & white 2? Maybe… Mass Effect, 1 or 2, probably not a good idea, I’d just end up playing them all weekend… Halo Reach? Perhaps, but only if I play with other people, I feel like playing something a bit more involving, which kind of rules out Sup Com… hmm… Dragon Age Origins? Probably most sensible suggestion so far, good game, involving, detailed, perhaps not graphically, or interaction-ally… story wise, yes.

Still haven’t renamed the ‘Fragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition’ category… got to do that some time… Not today. Busy.

So, I’m off to play Dragon Age: Origins, until tomorrow, Tata.

If I’m unresponsive that’s why. Might be on live later.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta, again…

Love Willski



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