sleep deprivation

Good Evening.

Not asleep, not good… as usual with this time of day, 02:44 am, when I’m trying to do something constructive, my mind is failing me. I’m forgetting what I’m doing, while I’m doing it. I’ll open a new query in design view, then have to search through current queries, tables, forms etc. to try and figure out what it was for… This, while entertaining, is somewhat frustrating, and is certainly not helping proceedings. anyone got some caffeine? It’s quite tempting to eat something, but the only food I have in here is cookies, (don’t feel like eating those right now,) and to get other food I’d have to move, then I’d probably either make noise and disturb sleeping people, or decide to have a quick lie down on the sofa, and fall asleep… Neither of which is particularly desirable.

Although, now I think about it, is it actually sleep deprivation yet, or just being awake a bit later then normal?

Usually when I’m awake at this time I’ve been talking to people, playing games, reading or something else mentally involving. this is just so dull, it practically puts me to sleep under optimal circumstances… Clumsy wording, spelling and grammar, how entertaining… There’s a word for not being able to remember the word for something, but i don’t know it, I’m not trying to be funny their, i read it in a dictionary once, don’t read dictionaries, it’s boring, but like most words i didn’t already know I only remembered the definition… not so helpful…

So, I’m going to try to wake myself up properly, pain might work, have a nice night, (although you’re probably all asleep) thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love a very sleepy Willski.



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