lack of postage, funds and not burnt! (also other things.)

Good Evening.

Because i decided to play mass effect 2 yesterday, and today i was asleep until after 12 today, then spending over an hour with family members eating, among other things, my progress on ICT project has been negligible. And i blame that completely on the last one. Nothing to do with the fact I decided to complete another play through of mass effect 2, spent most of Christmas holiday playing Black & White 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Sup Com, Mass Effects, Halos etc. No, couldn’t possibly be that. Hope Meakin doesn’t read this… hehe, so, not sleeping until I’ve made moderate-significant progress on that… I’m sure taking the time to write this doesn’t help with that… I’m supposed to be revising for Science A2 exams as well, bullocks… forgot about that.

No vulgarity from me. 😀

More other things, I’ve spent a lot of today listening to Modern Major General… and The Arrogant Worms… Lucky is scared of I am Cow… When it started playing he looked distressed, jumped away, (clawing me slightly in the process,) and hid behind me Xbox… not the safest place I can think of…

No burns! I actually got hot water today!

Funds, why do cheques take so long to process? 5 working days, and Sunday doesn’t count, combine that with the amount of weekend, and bank holidays recently cheque paid in on the 31st still hasn’t processed, 9 days? That’s just annoying, things I was planning on buying are just getting more expensive, and the blood’s just getting everywhere.

No. No it’s not. I put some newspapers down.

Ian asked if he could borrow my AS physics book, why would I still have that? I gave all my AS books to ginger people. So I offered him one from 1983… He declined… wonder why…

Yeah, I kind didn’t post yesterday or Friday, don’t know why, it must have slipped my mind, like a slippery thing… an eel, or a rotting fish… Apologies about that…

So, I’m going to do something now, what was it… sleep? Something like that… Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski, or suffer the consequences, which are to say, none.







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