Not much sleep, pathetic challenges and uncooporative midgets…

Good Evening.

So, I noticed a distinct lack of sleep last night, I know I was awake at 03:50, and for a while after that, and that I woke up at 07:19… Which isn’t that good considering I usually intend to wake up at 06:00…

Currently at KE VII, lots of sleeping things lying around… And the usual, predictable questions, ‘How was your Christmas?’, ‘what did you get?’. I posted it on my blog  weeks ago, can’t you read? Okay, one and a half weeks…

This is going to need an awful lot of proof reading, the ‘a’ key on this keyboard is somewhat uncooperative… like the midget! Who’s still not been replaced with  penguin… real or otherwise… Bad Tom… On that note, I kind of miss my penguin, I usually talk to him when writing these…

Hehe, this isn’t that good is it? I feel like I should be asleep for another 2 hours, instead I’ve been awake for 2 hours… that doesn’t sound nice… repeating ‘2 hours’ so close together… I might edit this some time when I’m awake…

Pathetic challenges, someone who got posted on the wordpress home page has challenged themselves to post every week this year. While they probably have a more substantial following, and some actual topic, that seems kind of pathetic compard to my plan of posting daily… Which I’ve tried to do since september sometime last year… Great fun!

What have I learned about peoples Christmases? Lee was ill, Craig was sick, James’ was boring or something… okay, I didn’t really pay much attention…

I think I’ll give up on this, and maybe not post it, it’s rather crap, it even fails to meet up to my rather low expectations… I’ll try and post something tonight… After my driving lesson, which hasn’t been cancelled yet!

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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